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Improving Negotiation Outcomes

Ozone Negotiation helps clients cut through the complexity of any negotiation, bringing clear and strategic thinking. We provide the tools and understanding to underpin efficient and effective negotiation processes to deliver improved outcomes.

What We Do

Why Choose Ozone

Every negotiation, whether a transactional dispute or a multi-party joint venture, has its own set of unique complexities.

This, in part, can make negotiation a daunting process that stimulates fear, uncertainty and ​indecision. There is no 'one size fits all' approach to rely on.

Few organisations really help their people to turn that uncertainty on its head and equip them with the capacity to take control of their negotiations and maximise value.

Ozone Negotiation came about in order to help its clients to cut through the complexity of any negotiation, bring clear and simple, strategic thinking and provide the tools and understanding to underpin efficient and effective negotiation processes.

We recognise that each client's needs and circumstances will differ and so we provide tailored solutions in everything we do.

Why Choose Ozone

Our Approach

Every negotiation strategy we develop is built upon the three critical foundations of Objective, Opportunity and Outcome.

Businesses cannot anticipate a successful conclusion to a negotiation without being clear on their short, medium and long term OBJECTIVE at the outset and having communicated and aligned within their organisation.

We cannot hope to maximise the result unless we have identified and evaluated the magnitude of the OPPORTUNITY that lies before us.

We cannot proactively control a negotiation unless we have predefined a clear plan of action to deliver the OUTCOME we want.


Building from the 'Three Os' is critical to success in any negotiation yet they are so often overlooked or forgotten about when the negotiation is underway. Our approach is designed to be embedded within your organisation's thinking and to create a common methodology and language for individuals and across teams and divisions.



To control a negotiation to its conclusion requires detailed planning. Advanced anticipation and preparation of every communication to be made, every proposal to be put on the table and every reaction we give (to name but some) are essential if we are to deliver optimal outcomes.

Underpinned by structured process, the Ozone methodology keeps you in control and your negotiations on track.



Effective negotiation should focus on value creation - identifying bigger opportunities. Whether through negotiating creatively amongst set variables or seeking ways to change the shape of the deal, there is usually more value available if we look for it. 

The greatest negotiators have creative minds and the ability to see a greater prize.

We challenge clients to look at their negotiations in a new light and truly maximise the outcome.



All too often negotiations are hampered or even undermined through a lack of clear objectives. We need to truly understand what we seek to achieve and, equally, what aspects of a deal we truly value. Gaining near-term profit at the expense of increased long-term risk, for instance, may well go against our wider interests. If organisations are to empower their negotiators to achieve better deals it is essential that strategic objectives are established, aligned and communicated before any negotiation begins.

Our Approch

“...if we hadn’t have had the advice and training with Ozone Negotiation we wouldn’t have got the same outcome, so thank you very much...”

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