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Our job at Ozone is to bring structure, framework and process to your negotiation planning and execution.

In an advisory capacity, we don't step into your world and provide a preconceived, off-the-shelf strategy solution. As every negotiation is different we work from first principles and employ your contextual knowledge within our framework and methodology.

We challenge your assumptions and bring out the realities of any negotiation scenario. This is the key to maximisation of value.

The 'Three Os' underpin our approach and we work with your key stakeholders to ensure that they are aligned on a clear and understood set of Objectives. 

We instil a creative mindset to ensure that the scale of Opportunity has been identified and quantified.

Most importantly, we then apply our tools and methodology to the development of a strategy designed to deliver the optimal Outcome.

Delivered by a single consultant, our Advisory services are the most cost effective way to deliver maximum value.

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